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King of Pirates
  • King of Pirates

    This mismatched pair of AF1s is designed beyond normal


    The colorway of the pair draws inspiration from the iconic anime : One Peice


    Design details below 🔎


    🟢 The left shoe features design elements inspired by Zoro, the legendary swordsman and first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates.


    From the three sword hilts to the green bandana-inspired colorway, this shoe pays tribute to Zoro's signature style and deadly skills.


    🔴 The right shoe, on the other hand, is a nod to Luffy, the charismatic and powerful captain of the crew.


    With a red color scheme, aged bottom, and gold accents inspired by Luffy's trademark straw hat, this shoe captures the energy and spirit of the Pirate King himself.


    Limited to 900 pairs, worldwide.



    We are offering a customization service, and are not affiliated with the brands used.


    A sourcing fee has been included for our team to source the base shoes in the size selected on your order.


    You may also choose to send the base shoe to us, and only avail our artwork service.

    • Our custom sneakers are durable and made to last, with good care, the artwork will last the life of your sneakers.


      Please note: Artwork painted on the Midsole & bottom of the shoe, may be prone to fading with wear and tear. Eg: The colored "Air" text in many AF1 customs. It is added for aesthetic purposes, you may choose to keep that part uncolored in your custom by informing us.


      Care instructions:

      • Gently wash with Water
      • Sneaker Cleaners, Wipes & Sprays can be used
      • Keep away from harsh chemicals, sharp edges, and weapons of mass destruction.

    MRP, Incl. of all Taxes

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