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FAQ: Warranty Disclaimer

What does Courtside do?

At Courtside, we customize classic sneakers & transform them into standout pieces of wearable art.

We paint, embroider, de-construct & stitch up authentic sneakers to make something bold and different for you to wear.

Where is Courtside based?

We are based out of New Delhi, India, while we ship out our sneakers to everywhere in the world.

Can I return my order?

Since these are made to order customs, we cannot exchange/refund your purchase since the work cannot be undone. Please be certain of your shoe size before you place an order.

You can check the size chart here.

If you receive a completely different custom to what you order, we will of course provide a refund/exchange on return.

How do I clean the shoes?

The best way to clean custom shoes is with clear water. Avoid scratches and rubbing on painted parts.

You may use a repellent spray to protect the shoes.

Disclaimer of Liability : Courtside is not affiliated or authorized with Nike Inc., Adidas, Vans or any of their affiliates or partners, or officially affiliated in any way. The official websites of these brands can be found at,, The names of these brands and related names, trademarks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Each pair is purchased to order in customary quantities from authorized dealers and then hand-painted. This is an individualization service. These costs include a procurement fee for the  base item in the size ordered. Alternatively, the basic pair can be provided by the customer if it is new. For this option, please contact us before you order. Please note the processing time, as this sneaker is made to order and will not be delivered immediately. The artistic product is intended for recreational use and should not be scratched. Care and cleaning instructions can be found in our FAQ.

Are your shoes weather resistant?

Yes. We use professional leather paints, proper vetting and finishers to make sure our customs can be worn everyday. However, we do not recommend scratching the painted areas heavily, which could lead to damage.

Will I have to provide the shoe?

If you have a clean pair and want us to customize that, you can contact us on email/Instagram to send us the shoe and we will do the work on it for you.

If you do not have the shoe, we procure the base shoe for our customers as well. You can purchase the finished custom directly from our store in your size.

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