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Our Story

A personal note:


Courtside is a Sneaker Art Studio, based in New Delhi, India.

We customize sneakers using top of the line materials, and the best talent & techniques to create works of art that resonate with you.

It was started by me - Saigun Grover, before the lockdown of 2020, and is now a team of creatives obsessed with sneakers.

You might say I'm silly, but sneakers have always been more than just objects for me. It's the one way I like to express myself most through.

And this story started when I wanted more than just buying another hyped up pair.

Apart from the fact that alot of people had them, I could always imagine things I would change in the design so it reflected my personality more.

Very quickly I realized I'm not alone!

And voila, Courtside was born.


We've been blessed to have helped thousands of people across the globe create their favourite pair.


Many of them are famous faces, and many are average joes like me!

Whoever it may be, our team's mission remains the same:


To design pairs which express YOU. And ofcourse, they have to look banging good.

If you are looking for something special as your next pair, I'm at your service.

Your favourite pair, or my assistance for any of your queries is on the other side

See you there!


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